Web Sevices

Web Development

If you are looking for a Web development or Web design company, you have come to the right place. Our team specializes in eye catching website designing and web development. Our web developers present their clients’ products and services by creating attractive, functional websites. Our skilled development staff has the technical expertise to work with open source technologies, such as PHP and mySQL in addition to MS SQL Server.

Web Developer Skills

Our Web Developers are familiar with a variety of programming languages, software programs and web applications such as HTML, CSS, ROR, WordPress, DB-SQL, Postgres SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL, and Linux/Windows-NT.

  • Our Web Maintenance services comprise of the following:
  • Content enhancement
  • Graphic enhancement
  • Newsletter maintenance
  • Regular upgrades
  • Web site redesign and improvement.

Web Designing

Techno Werk Kg aims at providing world class and affordable web design services.
We offer a high quality website design, development and maintenance services. Our talented and skillful team of designers can ensure a powerful and effective presentation of your company on the web. We constantly keep track of the latest technological changes and deploy the latest web and design tools to ensure the high quality of our work and your complete satisfaction. We also ensure that the web design idea, matches your branding needs.

Technologies used to design website:

For writing we use HTML/XHTML, PHP, CSS, Java scripting, DHTML codes using following technologies FrontPage, Dream weaver, Notepad, and so on.

For graphics we use Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Paint shop Pro, GIMP, In Design, Corel Draw and Paint Dot Net

Our services include following website design processes:

  • Create a unique website design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Differentiate your website from the rest
  • Website design that matches your company’s brand image
  • Make sure that your web design looks good at any resolution
  • Maintain balance between quality images and download time

Our goal is to inspire and motivate your visitors to become clients.

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