Data Conversion

Techno Werk Kg has the expertise in migrating data from publishing formats such as QuarkXpress, PDF, Indesign and word processors to any electronic format like HTML, XML and e-Book. We can assist not only with the data migration, but also with assuring that your data will continue to be accessible in all necessary applications. We provide High Quality, Time Bound, Cost Effective services.

Electronic Data Conversion – Paper to Electronic

Knowing that the information you hold must retain its accuracy, we deploy effective processes and technology, as applicable, to convert your data source into the required electronic formats. This includes

  • Scanning of hardcopy materials to electronic image formats.
  • Data entry of key fields/entire document.
  • OCR conversion to deliver high accuracy.

Services Includes :

  • PDF to Word Document/Excel Spreadsheet conversion
  • Image to Doc/Excel
  • Paper to PDF
  • SGML to XML Conversion
  • HTML to XML Conversion
  • Ebook conversion/creation
  • Hard Copy to Soft Copy Conversion
  • SGML Coding
  • Editorial Corrections

You send data from:

  • Paper documents, book, newspaper, periodicals,etc.
  • Image files (tif, pdf, gif, jpeg, etc.)

You get your data:

  • Any file format (text, pdf, doc, mdb, etc.)
  • Any media (CDs, tape, Zip disk, etc.)
  • Via Internet, FTP, VPN, Telnet, etc.)

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