Current projects

Typesetting of E Journals for an international publishing company in USA with a commitment of 24/7 turn around of publishing processes for over 2500 pages every month. The process include type setting, quality reviewing, proof reading, refereeing as per client’s guidelines.

Production of E books( 500 pages per month) on open source technologies for a companies in USA and Australia.

Client relationship management, E Conference support by online for an academic conference company in USA. All responses given within 24 hours. Managing more than 1000 E-queries per week besides follow up reminders.

System administration support to a client based in USA specializing in Linux and Ruby on Rails administration.

Year on year Web development and maintenance of 40 websites in Radiant and WordPress. Other technologies in used are PHP, CSS, Html, XHtml, Java scripting, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash.

Academic database mining 100,000 every month for a client in USA.

Past projects

Have completed producing more than 37 books and 70,000 pages of journals during for last 2 years for clients in Australia and USA within the prescribed time limit.

Completed database mining and warehousing of 25,000 software distributors in developing nations for a major client in South Africa and UK in less than a month.

Developed Time management and MIS soft wares for SMEs in India and Australia.

Executed a project of gathering 1.5 million data base records of academics across the world in last two years for a clients in Australia and USA.

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